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The Golden Coast

The unspoiled golden coast of central California has many charms that visitors enjoy, but only the residents know all it has to share. A special spirit pervades her dramatic shore and her quiet backcountry roads.  Ask the artists painting there by the beach--ask the man whose family has grown avocados on that hillside for generations--ask the happy couples tasting reserve barrels at a friendly, premium winery in a secluded, oak-sheltered valley.

"This is how California used to be," you'll often hear.  Full of color, light and a sense of spaciousness and possibility.

Wildlife is everywhere.  From the rich ocean habitat hosting healthy populations of sea otters, elephant seals, gray whales, humpbacks, dolphins, sea lions and a plethora of sea birds to the dwellers on land that are readily seen--gray foxes, red foxes, bobcats, rare Peregrine falcons, golden eagles, white-tailed kites, hawks of all kinds, great blue herons--the welcoming climate and abundant open space ensure an environment teeming with life.

artake of the abundance as well, with every community on the Golden Coast hosting its own colorful festival of produce and local products.  Fresh-caught fish, local cheese, lavender, citrus, fresh flowers, organic vegetables, artisan olive oils and breads--this year-round bounty enlivens the kitchens of restaurants and the home cook alike.

Nearby San Luis Obispo hosts its own popular Farmer's Market and street fair every Thursday evening.  This beautiful small city is home to the highly ranked California Polytechnic State University. Famous for its architecture, agriculture, engineering and public policy programs, its graduates are highly sought after in their fields.  The campus is also home to the Performing Arts Center, a community treasure featuring bold architectural design and a full season of world class performances each year.

Fifteen minutes south, Morro Bay Yacht Club has a guest dock and moorings for visiting vessels. 
Otters, rays, and dolphins are frequent harbor visitors.

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