Castello della Costa d'Oro                                             California Coastline Luxury Estate                                                         
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William R. Hearst first came to know this part of the world when he camped on this hilltop with his family as a boy. After years of travel in Europe, this was the place he still dreamed of.

"I love this place," he said once in a letter to his mother. "I would rather spend a week here than anywhere in the world."  And he certainly had his choice, as the Hearst family had homes on many continents.

But this coastline captivated him for the majority of his life. He and Julia Morgan spent decades designing, creating and furnishing La Cuesta Encantada.  This was the home where he hosted movie stars and heads of state, where they rode out on horseback for picnic lunches in sheltered coves and observed the passing whales, otters and dolphins playing in the waves.

Just four miles north of Castello della Costa d'Oro is William R. Hearst's "little getaway", the Castle next door.

Hearst Castle is now a state monument and is open to the public for tours. Visit the website to learn more.

Hearst owned huge tracts of land in this part of California.  His foresight has preserved it largely unchanged down to our time.

Follow Highway One north past the harbor where he brought in antiques and art treasures.  This beautiful, sheltered spot is called the Cove by locals and is a favorite for kayaking, swimming and pier fishing.

Castello della Costa d'Oro's neighbors are quiet beaches, state parks and large agricultural parcels in the same family for generations.

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