Castello della Costa d'Oro                                             California Coastline Luxury Estate                                                         
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A pleasure shared is a pleasure magnified tenfold...  
The Estate was created with a wide range of options for entertaining groups of eight to eight-hundred guests.  From the warm intimacy of the Wine Cellar tasting table to the unforgettable ambiance of the Pavilion, you will delight in utilizing every potential for the sharing of hospitable pleasures that this estate can afford.


The Entertainment Hall is an enchanted venue for an intimate wine-pairing dinner or a lively cocktail gathering at the full bar. Seats up to 400 for formal dining.

The Grand Ballroom invites sophisticated gatherings with orchestra and dancing.  The Onyx Bar makes a convivial focal point for lively conversations.

The Ocean-view Vineyard Terrace Hosts Al Fresco Luncheons, Dining or Cocktails at Sunset


The Spacious Pavilion Hosts Large Events, Fundraisers, or Performances.
A Flexible Design with Unlimited Potential.

Hospitality Options

Conveniently located within walking distance to the estate, the oceanview hotels of Moonstone Beach are the perfect solution to your overflow guest list.  Your guests will enjoy a mile-and-a-half long boardwalk, fine restaurant choices and the peaceful beauty of Moonstone's famous pebble beaches.
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